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Area Code and Exchange (253) 702 in Washington

Technical Information for Exchange (253) 702

NPA/Area Code: 253
NXX/Exchange Code: 702
State: Washington
Rate Center:
Time Zone:
DST Observed:
Exchange Status: Inactive
NXX Use Type: Unknown
New NPA:
CBSA Code:
Number Pooling: No


Telephone numbers subject to FCC Complaints in Exchange (253) 702 1

Below is the 1 telephone number that is subject to complaints to the FCC in this Exchange Code.

(253) 702-6140

This number has been the subject of 1 complaint to the FCC.

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Businesses and other Entities in Exchange (253) 702 1

Below are details of all of the legitimate businesses and other entities that we have identified within this Exchange Code.

(253) 702-6122

Registered to JEANNE BETTS LMP in LACEY.

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